Course topics


– Dr. James BARNARD: State-of-the-art and technological perspectives on Wastewater Treatment and Management. Standard nitrification, denitrification, and phosphorus removal processes with latest developments, effect of BPR on sludge treatment. Impact of MBR technologies on Wastewater Treatment (?).

Prof. Andrea G. CAPODAGLIO: Course Introduction and Summary. Technologies for energy recovery from waste streams: Microbial Fuel Cells, Fuel recovery from waste sludge, Integrated Biorefinery concept.

Prof. Maria LOIZIDOU: State-of-the-art and technological perspectives on Urban Waste Management. Current practices and future trends are discussed with emphasis on the zero waste concept and circular economy. Indicative prospects include the production of useful chemical blocks from biowaste and the production of biofuels (eg. bioethanol) from household food waste.

Prof. Gustaf OLSSON: The Water-Energy-Food Nexus (interlink between energy, water and food systems) and its implications on industry and society. Illustration, discussion, and consequences on the development of sustainable communities of the importance of water for the energy sector, and of energy as a necessary element of the water cycle (eg. pumping, treatment, distribution and collection of water and wastewater).

Prof. Dave VACCARI: The Water-Nutrient Nexus Global Cycles of Nitrogen and Phosphorus – Resources and Leaks; Substance Flow Modeling and Resource Conservation; Nutrient Reuse and Recycling; Physicochemical Nutrient Removal and Recovery; Biological Nutrient Removal and Recovery.

Prof. Grietje ZEEMAN: New paradigms for decentralized wastewater treatment with energy recovery. New paradigms for source-separation based recovery of energy, organics, nutrients and water from domestic wastewater streams (‘New Sanitation‘). Different ‘New Sanitation‘ concepts will be presented, and their application possibilities for different context discussed. Full-scale applications and projects under development will be presented as case studies, next to new technologies for Black water, Grey Water and Urine treatment/recovery and reuse.

(Detailed time schedule will follow in the second announcement).